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5143 Treviform

The 5143 Treviform is the most feature laden tensioning form finisher in the market.

The perfect machine for wetcleaners this finisher also makes quick work of drycleaned garments.

Touch Screen Panel with smart interface allows control over all movements and programs.

Telescoping height using a hydraulic cylinder provides strong, even tension to the shoulder areas.

A photocell finds the perfect height for any garment.

360 degree rotating form makes it easy for the operator to line up rear vents.

Inverter motor speed control enables high quality finishing without distorting the shape of the garment.

Pneumatic vent clamps allows for finishing of double vented jackets.

Treviform Specifications:

  • Voltage: 208-230V 3 Phase 60 Hz - 4.5 Amps

  • Operating Steam Pressure: 80 PSI

  • Operating Air Pressure: 80 PSI

  • Footprint:  24" x 32"

  • Overall Machine Size:47" x 35" x 62 - 91" (maximum height fully extended is 91")

  • Net/Gross Weight: 298/323 lbs.