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Model 5314

Model 5315

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Tensioning Pants Toppers

Model 5314 is the latest in Trevil’s long standing line of tensioning pants toppers.  Now with a touch screen to control all aspect of programming and use making it easy for the operator to choose the correct program for the pants being pressed.  Features include an adjustable height carriage to assist in speeding the operation for all sizes of pants including shorts.  It can also be arranged to close both clamps simultaneously for skirt finishing.  Anti-stretch functions in both horizontal and vertical modes to allow for finishing of elastic garments without overstretching.

 The pivoting/rotating cuff clamps are fully adjustable allowing for outside clamping for creased pants, inside adjustable inserts for khakis, corduroys,  and non-creased pants, and rotation to allow for flat front finishing of jeans. 

A powerful 1.5HP blower motor and large heating battery makes Trevil Tensioning Pants Toppers perfect to handle both drycleaned and wetcleaned items.

Model 5314 has Side-To-Side waist expansion.

Footprint: 18" x 44"

Overall Machine Size: 34" x 46" x 80"

Net/Gross Weight: 375/425 lbs.


  • Voltage: 208-230V 3 Phase 60 Hz - 9 Amps

  • Operating Steam Pressure: 80 PSI (requires connection to steam source)

  • Operating Air Pressure: 80 PSI (requires connection to compressed air source)

Model 5315 has Front-To-Back waist expansion and standard pleat paddles.

Footprint: 18" x 44"

Overall Machine Size: 31" x 46" x 80"

Net/Gross Weight: 375/425 lbs.