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The Pantastar is the first machine capable of finishing the entire pair of pants; including the crease!

With Pantastar nearly anyone can be quickly trained to produce up to 40 pair of pants per hour with superior quality.   The need for a highly skilled, highly experienced, and highly paid "presser" is eliminated.

Superior quality is achieved without seam impressions, pocket impressions, leave off marks, and other typical pressing machine faults.

Pantastar takes less space and uses less utilities than a standard pants topper and legger.

Take back control of your business with Pantastar!

Pantastar Specifications:  

  • Voltage: 208-230V 3 Phase 60 Hz - 4.5 Amps

  • Operating Steam Pressure: 80 PSI

  • Operating Air Pressure: 80 PSI

  • Footprint: 43" x 54"

  • Overall Machine Size: 43" x 54" x 103"

  • Net/Gross Weight: 1320/1485 lbs.