Trevistar CR3

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We have designed and built plants that have won the prestigious American Drycleaner Magazine annual Plant Design Awards including Grand Prize Winners.

Presto FC


The Trevistar is a blown air shirt finisher that provides "hand finished quality" at high rates of productivity. Top notch features allow for energy savings, increased speed, and operator comfort.

The Pantastar is the only machine capable of producing the entire pair of pants, including the crease on one  machine, using "unskilled" labor, with high quality, and excellent productivity.

 ​​The Princess Ultra is a multi garment tensioning finisher capable of finishing shirts, blouses, jackets, labcoats, and more. Simple to use programs allow for pressing both wet and dry garments.

Trevil equipment utilizes the latest technology to simplify pressing operations to reduce or eliminate the need for highly skilled and experienced operators.

Our user friendly equipment makes it easy for nearly any operator to quickly produce high quality finished garments at high rates of productivity.​

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Trevil America can work with you on the design and layout of your drycleaning shop or laundromat.

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The Presto FC is the first hot plate shirt finishing machine good enough to carry the Trevil brand name. PTFE coated plates avoid shine and full rear plate provides excellent quality.


​Princess Ultra

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